Week 18, 2019: New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Horns, cold beer, and
No ration – 

Allies full of foot steps
Scolded only for
Not being happy –
It’s the
Stomping that matters
Where each step
Is as different
As you,
And me. 



Week 2, 2019: Home

Jiminy Peak, MA

Remember when?
That chair sat right there
And she would curl up

With three half-read books
And he would soon pour
A glass so red and so warm
Echoing through the air
Like our safe steps upstairs
Growing light into heavy
Between walls holding steady
Both their soft and firm calls
Now embraced protocols


Week 50, 2018: Inviting

Vineyard Haven, MA

When he opens the door,
Right beside many more,
He doesn’t stop to worry
Of all the things that could be

He keeps his focus right on her,
Not her potential to diverge
Knowing present’s paths to future
Are always more, never fewer

So as he witnesses her first step –
An embracing of his thoughtfulness –
He knows the future isn’t to fear,
Simply a choice she could make right here


Week 49, 2018: Settling Down

Summit Ave, Brookline

The Sun yawns deeply
and prepares the day for

dreams closely tied to
this four post bed still
lined with thoughts from

the very bottom of
my heart that can only
follow a rhythm
of beat, beat, beating
like it did not choose
to keep itself in sync –
like it knew there’ll
be days like this –
like this my Mama said
next to the Rosebush’s
petals and thorns to just be
“a little more patient.”
Time will tell, you know,
She’ll bring you
on through